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Filip Radulović

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Model – linking the economy with education

Small and medium-sized enterprises are the most vital part of the economy which the European Union emphasizes. All their needs can be aggregated within a number of independent institutions and within the so-called clusters. The model linking the economy with education is based on the formation of Centers for small and medium enterprises. According…

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EU Funds

The funds are part of the material or financial resources designated for specific purposes. However, it is necessary to look at funds in terms of the European Union, which means that we are talking about the allocation of financial resources towards development of member states and candidate countries of the…

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All the more widespread term “global village” (more on: wikipedia „global village term“) is conditioning an increasingly wider need for cooperation and collaboration. In this age communication among individuals and groups is simplified through a variety of tools that anyone can use without charge, virtually anywhere and anytime. Is not unusual to…

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