All the more widespread term “global village” (more on: wikipedia „global village term“) is conditioning an increasingly wider need for cooperation and collaboration. In this age communication among individuals and groups is simplified through a variety of tools that anyone can use without charge, virtually anywhere and anytime. Is not unusual to see young people working together on a variety of papers, projects, events, etc. with colleagues from around the world. Collaboration becomes a normal thing in the society and it is simplified because of the more open access to modern technologies.

Of course, with mutual cooperation, it is easier to achieve certain goals, whether the collaboration was planned or unplanned. It is important to conclude that not all collaborations are planned. For example, we can analyze various Facebook groups which gather people of different interests and goals and together they generate temporary cooperations when the individuals inside the groups feel the need for it. All forms of cooperation, from sharing some files to the common task solving, can be seen as some form of collaboration. In these and similar ways of cooperation, information is spread with incredible speed and produces results very quickly, which was previously impossible due to poor knowledge of information technologies in the masses. But when we talk about planned collaborations of individuals, work groups or teams, then we see the full force of a combination of modern technologies and tools which lead to fantastic results.

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