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Embracing Change and Taking Control: A Journey towards Success in the IT World

Sometimes the shade of a tree underneath which you wipe off your sweat becomes a spot of repetitive endeavors and false expectations. Taking the time to introspect, refocus, readjust, and realign is what makes us unique. Being brave enough to take matters into your own hands and change is a feat we should perpetually practice.

Tree growing in stone.

There is no challenge a healthy mind cannot tackle, but the question is, is it worth it? Choosing the picture of a tree growing from the stone depicts an epic Darwinian battle. Supposing, we are not trees, we are more agile in control of our own destinies. To prosper, we ought to be initiative and innovative. We ought to change often and reach for the well of experience through the wines of knowledge.

The incentive behind this blog is the start of a new journey. Rooting into the new fresh soil and chasing my dreams further. For the proper transfer, it is vital to retrospect and wind-up the clocks. A very turbulent year is behind the world and it surely impacted every soul, including me. What lies ahead is a challenge to be tackled with both hands and feet!

How are things going around?

The world forming around us is uncertain, treacherous, and rough. Take for example some of the technology failures:

The list could go on but a cherry on top would be the pinnacle of stupidity which even got its hash trend “#zoomdick“. God, why? I won’t go into explaining the trend, but if you visit the link you will shortly realize what are the things we love to talk about…

Surrounded by the bitter reality and dry-run companies – it has become apparent that even the place where I am is starting to crumble underneath me. A classic fishbone of problems propelled the complexity of leadership to an all-time high, leading to ambiguous decision-making.

Source: Forbes

To go ahead and highlight Mr. Andriole’s words: “Invest as much as you can in the top three – definition, scope, and management – problems because the bottom three are essentially unsolvable.” The top of the fishbone is manageable. It is to be handled by professionals in management using the tools and techniques well-known and practiced. But when we take a look at the bottom line, we can easily see where the firm structure lies. Unwilling to refresh talent and leverage skills into effective work of smarter executives who understand that project support is far more than a signature on a business case. Reaffirming the culture to truly be believed in is vital to stand tall and proud.

What is happening?

How did we get into the rabbit hole of failure acceptance? Our measurements and comprehensive analysis started leading us into the bed of a child being comforted by its mother. If we know why we have failed, we will shed a tear, learn and move on? How many sheds after will it all become just daily business? Let me ask you, would you allow a medical resident who fails most of the time to become a full-fledged doctor? Would you proceed with new factory construction if you were 25% likely to succeed? So why are big technology projects failing all over the place and companies still launching them week after week, month after month, year after year? Why is this happening?

For some inexplicable reason, realizing that failure is becoming a part of the culture springs towards eternal hope. Is it because the consequences of failure became so small? Is it because we are pushed towards finishing projects “no matter what”? What does it mean to get a badge of honor if it wasn’t worth it? Are we going to again say we did it? Celebrate and cherish the moment of production while knowing, even without a comprehensive analysis, what is going to be the bottom line… The answer is – no! The roots of my tree are to be planted in a small international IT company where I, and soon we, can prosper with sustainable incrementalism. Managing expectations downward and generating project excitement leaves a far wider smile than a bitterness of a medal with two faces!

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