EU Funds

The funds are part of the material or financial resources designated for specific purposes. However, it is necessary to look at funds in terms of the European Union, which means that we are talking about the allocation of financial resources towards development of member states and candidate countries of the European Union. Studying funding programs is very important because in this way Croatia is learning to use the budget of the European Union on the one hand, and need to adapt to the new system on the other. So, it is good to have knowledge of what awaits us in the near future.

Implementation of European funds is done through a variety of programs to ensure the achievement of the goals of the European Union. There are several different ways for managing EU funds. Management can be centralized or decentralized. Centralized management means that funds are managed directly by the European Commission, and the decentralized management of these funds is left to the countries where the funds are allocated to manage. Currently there are programs of the Union pre-accession programs and Structural Funds.

European Union through the EU funds provides assistance in several forms:

  • Through programs or funds for all members of the European Union
  • Through the pre-accession programs or funds for countries that are in a state of EU accession
  • Through programs or funds for the third countries

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