Model – linking the economy with education

Small and medium-sized enterprises are the most vital part of the economy which the European Union emphasizes. All their needs can be aggregated within a number of independent institutions and within the so-called clusters. The model linking the economy with education is based on the formation of Centers for small and medium enterprises. According to this idea, every neighborhood in the city would have at least one location with various supportive content. The project integrates these Centers to multiple levels: education, economy, and socio-political factors. In this way, information technology can be brought closer to the wider public, especially children, and youth, but also adults, especially in our situation where many do not have a computer at home.

Centre for Small and Medium Enterprises would gather existing local businesses on a voluntary basis. It would be a utility service that has the purpose of easier workforce access and a place where they coordinate their joint appearance on the market. Students would be operational at information and computer workshops, publishing a local newspaper (free), assisting in the transfer of new technology in the operation of small and medium-sized enterprises and they would do some kind of publicity in the local newspaper for the SME’s. In this group of entrepreneurs typically belong companies and craftsmen with a small number of workers and have no possibility of employment of educated personnel to accompany tenders (domestic and foreign) and looking for partners for a joint appearance on the market, make tender documents and apply sophisticated knowledge and skills of the working students. The overall support is gained from young educated people (senior students and excellent students) from different areas of activity. This enhancement of small and medium-sized enterprises would contribute to greater employment. Chamber of Crafts would have a task for the Centre to provide it with one employee who would lead the business and administration. Such a model would greatly help the Chamber to justify the collection of dues from this group of businessmen and City to have lower unemployment and higher inflow of funds into its budget.

Full graduate work here (Croatian): Model povezivanja gospodarstva s poduzetništvom

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