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    svgFilipsvgDecember 7, 2023

    Crafting the Digital Presence for Izletište Suhina

    Overview As the person who managed and configured the Izletište Suhina website, I embarked on a mission to bring the rich history and warm hospitality of this family-run restaurant to

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    svgFilipsvgOctober 24, 2023

    Digital transformation of public enterprise

    A brand-new, multilingual website, along with mobile apps featuring gamification elements, serves as the technical backbone of this project. A single point for editing and managing content across different platforms

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    svgFilipsvgOctober 24, 2023

    Intellexi Corporate Web

    This case study highlights a project undertaken by Intellexi, a software development company, to revamp their corporate web page. The goals of the project were driven by Intellexi’s vision to

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    svgFilipsvgMarch 22, 2023

    Ritoša B2B Webshop & Website

    Ritoša B2B Webshop & Website Client: Brati Ritoša d.o.o. Year: 2021 Solution: Magento Webshop & Drupal Website Link: The Ritoša company is one of the leaders in the wholesale

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    svgFilipsvgMarch 9, 2023

    Ministry of Justice’s Courts

    Ministry of Justice’s Courts Client: Ministry of Justice Year: 2020 Solution: Drupal-based websites Link: When you get called by your boss to talk about something new coming in,  you

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    svgFilipsvgFebruary 17, 2023


    CISEx Association NGO Website Client: CISEx Association Year: 2020 Solution: Drupal Website Link: Honored to be working for a well-known Association of Croatian Independent Software Exports, we have built

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    svgFilipsvgJanuary 30, 2023

    Amphinicy Technologies

    Amphinicy Technologies – Corporate Homepage Client: Amphinicy Technologies d.o.o. Year: 2019 Solution: Drupal Website Link: When on the opposite side of the table you have a high-tech company as

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