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Amphinicy Technologies

Amphinicy Technologies – Corporate Homepage

Client: Amphinicy Technologies d.o.o.
Year: 2019
Solution: Drupal Website

When on the opposite side of the table you have a high-tech company as your client, the pressure is the altitude to the space (pun intended). Amphinicy Technologies, a company from Zagreb, is the leading provider of software to companies in the satellite industry. This high-tech company designs software solutions for satellite operators, producers of satellite equipment, and providers of multimedia and broadband services.

The project couldn’t have been better for me for numerous reasons. First, as the tech geek that I am, it was an absolute delight to work with a high-tech company. Second, on the other side of the table was Amphinicy Technologies CTO, Mr. Marko Mrvelj, with whom the collaboration was nothing but exceptional and inspirational. And, third, this was my first project in Perpetuum mobile which meant it was my proving ground.

During the project, I was awed by the synergistic effect that we so smoothly got by working with a project-oriented organization such as Amphinicy. The agile methodology that I was just introducing to Perpetuum was a perfect fit for the same as on the side of Amphinicy. I think I don’t even need to explain how glad I was when I could report to the client with burndown charts and automated Jira reports. This greatly contributed to the quality of the end results, both in the design and development phases.

At the early beginnings of the project, we started with roadmap planning and went to the agile development of the design. Then my new colleague, now a good friend, Zvonimir Dimovski, made a really great job in communicating his ideas and delivering the value Amphinicy expected. This continued to be Zvonimir’s standard on every project, which affirmed his role as lead designer, but also a person in who I have the utmost confidence and would go through all the project challenges at any time! Zvone – thank you!

Soon after the project was at the early stage of development, with both Perpetuum and Amphinicy satisfied with the progress and the quality of our first phase delivery. A design for a highly structured responsive web was in front of the development team. Some challenges as product subdomains and separate SEO logic, as well as more advanced administration in the field of hiring, but then again, nothing that the team I had behind me couldn’t take on.

Amphinicy Web Mockup

It is true that in the development phase, I was more confident. After all, it was my biking friend who was the team lead, not only on the project but for Drupal (on which the web is based), and for which he was a lead as well. To go a bit off-topic, he also basically “hired” me by recommending me to the Perpetuum directors. So I really had to do my best, first project, and a friend I cannot let down. The team did a technically excellent product, following the design into every pixel. Backed by my friend’s team of “minions”, as he called his disciples of developers, we all together did a really nice job. During the very first sprints, I noticed that the team is not as integrated as it could be. There were some differences that required some longer conversations. But, it was an incentive for me to start taking Tuckman’s model of team development into account. Later on, during the year we ended up being a really tight highly professional team.

Amphinicy Technologies’ website went to enable its administrators to have the option of adjusting not only the website’s content, but the structure as well, to adapt to future needs. My team developed a stellar solution based on the Drupal platform so the web is based on blocks that are reusable and easily adjustable for future needs (eg. changing brand colors).

Sat Scout subdomain

Sat Scout subdomain

All in all, the collaboration level was exceptional having a solid project plan, roadmap, and automated project reporting from Jira. Even after the project, continuous documentation delivery was useful to meet the requirements of the EU Commission which funded the whole project.

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