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CISEx Association NGO Website

Client: CISEx Association
Year: 2020
Solution: Drupal Website

Honored to be working for a well-known Association of Croatian Independent Software Exports, we have built a community website. In the case of working with IT companies, management expertise gets highly challenged and this was a good proving ground!

With a series of discovery brainstorming workshops with the client, we have defined the main features and a clear project plan to work on. By combining our team’s design and web development skills we made a website on the Drupal platform and provided the Association simplicity in self-maintaining the content.

Provided with professional cooperation from Ms. Oršić, Association coordinator, it was a smooth project sailing and execution case! The Association’s administrative team was pleased that finally, they have a website that they can modify by themselves, without the need for development intervention. This enabled the Association to gain better online visibility and provide added value to their members, considering that all the members are publicly shown on the website.

CISEx Members Website Mockup

CISEx Members Website Mockup

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