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Intellexi Corporate Web

This case study highlights a project undertaken by Intellexi, a software development company, to revamp their corporate web page. The goals of the project were driven by Intellexi’s vision to establish themselves as a prominent player in the world of backend telecommunications development. Recognizing the prevalent trend of dull and outdated designs among rival companies, Intellexi aimed to differentiate themselves by creating a modern and visually striking web presence.

Our objective was to develop a corporate web page that would not only showcase their expertise but also captivate and engage visitors, leaving a strong impression. The web page is also equipped with tools and features designed to ease their online promotional activities, contributing to lead generation and expanding their client base. By infusing the design with innovation, user-centricity, and a visually appealing aesthetic, Intellexi aimed to set themselves apart and establish a strong brand presence in the industry, ultimately driving growth and success. Over a span of five months, the project encompassed various phases, including discovery, design, development, education, and go-live. As the project manager, I successfully led a team of skilled professionals in delivering a web page that aligned with the company’s objectives.

Discovery Phase

During the discovery phase, our team facilitated a collaborative workshop with the client to gather valuable insights and align on project requirements. This approach fostered efficient communication and ensured a tailored approach to meet Intellexi’s specific needs. It also helped us produce the functional specification. Additionally, we utilized a pre-workshop questionnaire to provide initial guidance and set a clear direction for the project.

Design Phase

During the design phase, our team engaged in a collaborative process with the client, involving them at every step to ensure their vision was brought to life. We conducted regular meetings to present new pages and actively collaborated to identify the best solutions that aligned with the client’s needs. To streamline the design process and ensure consistency, designers utilized Figma as our primary design tool. In Figma, we defined comprehensive color profiles, establishing a cohesive visual identity for both desktop and mobile platforms. Additionally, we created standardized text styles, ensuring consistency in typography across the web pages. The use of variants and icons further enhanced the design, allowing for versatility and seamless integration of interactive elements. This iterative approach, coupled with client involvement and the utilization of Figma, enabled us to refine the design and deliver a final product that exceeded expectations.

To enhance project clarity and facilitate smooth execution, I took on the responsibility of writing up detailed meeting minutes, capturing the conclusions and action points derived from each collaborative session. This formal documentation contributed to greater project concretization, allowing us to stay focused and effectively meet deadlines.

Throughout the design phase, we encountered some change requests from the client. However, after careful analysis, we determined that incorporating these changes would have a significant impact on the project timeline. As a result, we communicated the potential impact to the client and jointly decided not to incorporate these requests. This decision was made to ensure that the project remained on track and met the agreed-upon deadlines, aligning with the client’s expectations. By maintaining a clear and open line of communication, we effectively managed expectations and delivered a successful web page within the established timeframe.

Development Phase

The development phase entailed transforming the approved design into a functional website. Leveraging a combination of front-end and back-end technologies, our team developed a responsive and dynamic user interface. We implemented interactive elements, a content management system, and seamless integration with Intellexi’s existing systems. Rigorous testing and comprehensive quality assurance measures were undertaken to ensure a seamless and secure user experience.

To streamline project management and enhance team collaboration, we utilized Jira as our primary project management tool. I leveraged its features to define workflows tailored to support the roles and responsibilities of each team member. This approach facilitated easy and efficient tracking of the team’s progress, allowing us to provide accurate updates and reports to the client. Additionally, for resource allocation and budgeting purposes, we utilized the Productive tool. Based on the man-hours estimated during the presale phase of the project, we effectively planned and managed our efforts, ensuring optimal utilization of resources within the allocated budget.

Education Phase

Recognizing the significance of empowering Intellexi’s staff to independently manage and update the web page, we conducted comprehensive training sessions during the education phase. Our aim was to equip future administrators and content creators with the necessary skills. To facilitate seamless onboarding, we created educational materials in both video and documented form. These resources provided a valuable reference for understanding the content management system and website administration.

Go-Live Phase

The go-live phase marked the successful launch of the new web page. Prior to the launch, extensive user acceptance testing was conducted to identify and address any issues or bugs. We worked closely with Intellexi’s IT department to ensure a smooth transition and integration with their existing infrastructure. Additionally, we fulfilled all prerequisites for Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and basic SEO. This enables Intellexi to effectively track website performance and enhance online visibility.

Results and Impact

The successful completion of the project yielded several positive outcomes for Intellexi:

  1. Enhanced User Experience. The revamped web page provided users with a modern and intuitive interface, leading to improved engagement and satisfaction.
  2. Increased Brand Visibility. The redesigned web page contributed to a stronger online presence, effectively reinforcing Intellexi’s brand image.
  3. Streamlined Content Management. The implementation of a user-friendly content management system empowered Intellexi’s staff to efficiently update and manage website content.
  4. Improved Conversion Rates. The optimized user experience and persuasive design elements resulted in increased leads and conversions for Intellexi.


The project served as a testament to our team’s expertise in project management, design, development, and training. Through collaborative workshops, effective communication, and a comprehensive training approach, we successfully delivered a web page that aligned with Intellexi’s goals and surpassed their expectations. The project’s positive impact on user experience, brand visibility, conversion rates, and the provision of educational materials in video and documented form underscores the value of investing in professional web development and design services.

Link to the new corporate web page:

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