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Ministry of Justice’s Courts

Ministry of Justice’s Courts

Client: Ministry of Justice
Year: 2020
Solution: Drupal-based websites

When you get called by your boss to talk about something new coming in,  you expect a project somewhere within the domain you are working in. In the case of the Ministry of Justice, it was certainly something special. The request could be summarized like this: “We need 74 multilingual subdomains for all the courts in Croatia with separate administration interfaces.” I had to check if I heard right.

But, yes… Croatian bureaucracy is a big machine with many employees and institutions. Courts are no exception. We indeed have so many courts and they all have a certain level of autonomy. Given the delicacy of the information published by those institutions, the public-facing solution has to be top-notch.

For this project, we were commissioned by IN2 and IBM who were doing the API for the register of court trials. While they were independently working on the backend to provide information for one part of the website, we were organizing multiple workshops to grasp the scope of the information that the Courts wanted to be published on their new websites.

We went out of our reach to understand the interconnectivity and structure of the information and provided the end client with a flexible and easy-to-administer Drupal platform solution. Not only that the structure gave the possibilities of advanced administration but it was made to be sustainable even if some of the Courts wouldn’t update their sites.


Luckily we had excellent support from Ms. Martina Mihordin, who was (and at the time of writing this, still is) the spokesperson at the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic of Croatia. With years of experience with CMS systems, she knew exactly what was needed and conveyed the information with ease.

After half a year of work, we finished the solution and held an education for all administrative representatives of all Croatian Courts. A real feat!

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