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EU Tender for Improving Visitor Capacity

EU Tender for Improving Visitor Capacity

Client: Nature park Medvednica
Year: 2019
Solution: Documentation

Sometimes in life, you get a shot at the thing you love! This time I had an opportunity to connect my profession with my hobby of mountain biking. Considering the position of president of a very active mountain biking NGO, the Nature park Medvednica officials contacted me for help with writing EU tender documentation for the project “Improving visitor capacity for the purpose of sustainable management of the Medvenica Nature Park” 

Described in their own words, it is the most valuable project in the history of the Medvenica Nature Park, which will arrange the “Medvedgrad Visitor Center” and improve the visitor infrastructure. Primarily, bicycle paths and signage inside and outside the boundaries of the nature park will be arranged, and the educational and interpretive offer of the Park will be enriched through the creation of a series of different interpretive and educational programs. A distinct emphasis is to be placed on the careful development of tourism in the Park, i.e. on the management of visitors through the creation of the Action Plan for the management of visitors in the Medvednica Nature Park.


In order to find an appropriate company or group of companies very detailed tender documentation had to be made. This is where my expertise came in. With extensive research and continuous communication with relevant stakeholders, I was able to produce a content body for the tender.

At the same time, considering that I have been in touch with the execution process of EU projects in the domain of IT, I had very good knowledge of all the required, so to call, side chapters that had to be described in order for the tender to be fully viable.

Therefore, I went on to describe additional chapters:

  • Conditions and proof of qualification of the offeror
  • Proof of legal and business capacity
  • Descriptions of requirements of key experts
  • Precise specification on how the offer presentation has to be prepared and organized
  • Pricing structure
  • Organization and methodology of project exploitation
  • Unusually low price limits
  • Rules for community of bidders

All of the above-mentioned chapters complemented the main chapter where detailed descriptions of the action plan and key milestones of the project were written. Additionally, the project contained an extensive number of diagrams of elements that should be built in the Nature park.

The whole project documentation was also rounded up with a feasibility study that set minimum requirements of potential offerors, as well as researched minimal resource requirements.

It was a serious effort to write up a lengthy and comprehensive document, but a real joy to me from the perspective of the area I was involved in!

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