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Ritoša B2B Webshop & Website

Ritoša B2B Webshop & Website

Client: Brati Ritoša d.o.o.
Year: 2021
Solution: Magento Webshop & Drupal Website

The Ritoša company is one of the leaders in the wholesale and distribution of garden and agricultural equipment, construction, and protective equipment. They approached our team to build a B2B webshop for their customers to place orders easily online. They also needed a website that would showcase their products and services and provide a platform for customer support. In addition, the webshop needed to be prepared for a future B2C vision.

Our team of developers and designers worked closely with the Ritoša team to understand their requirements and goals for the project. We were tasked with building a user-friendly webshop that would allow customers to easily browse products, place orders, and track their shipments. The webshop would need to integrate with their existing ERP system to manage inventory and order processing.

The webshop was also designed to be ready for a future B2C vision, meaning that it would be able to handle large volumes of transactions and support a wider range of customers. Additionally, the B2B version of the webshop included options for price tiers that depended on contracts with customers.

In addition to the webshop, we also developed a Drupal website that would serve as the main platform for the company’s online presence. The website would include a product catalog, company information, and customer support features such as a knowledge base and contact form.

The project was executed in several phases, starting with the development of wireframes and mockups to define the user interface and design. Once the design was approved, our team began building the webshop and integrating it with the ERP system. We also developed a custom content management system using Drupal to manage the website content.

To ensure a smooth launch, we conducted thorough testing and quality assurance to identify and fix any issues. We also provided training to the Ritoša team to help them manage the webshop and website content.

The webshop made it easier for customers to place orders, and the ERP integration streamlined order processing and inventory management. The Drupal website provided a professional platform for the company’s online presence and helped improve customer engagement and support.

The webshop’s readiness for a future B2C vision and the options for price tiers that depended on contracts with customers provided the company with the flexibility to expand its customer base and improve its sales strategies.

The new webshop and Drupal website have provided a valuable addition to the company’s online presence and have helped them stay competitive in their industry. The flexibility built into the webshop ensures that it can support the company’s future growth and help them achieve their sales goals.

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