We are living in Internet era and fast rising globalization. Everything is at the tips of our fingers or we can say one mouse click away. Market competitiveness is even more challenging and unfavorable socio-economic climate makes it difficult. Labor relations are dynamic and there is an increase in number of people who frequently change employers (every few years, due to market conditions) and are moving in different directions for horizontal professional development. The previously mentioned thesis is one of the most significant reasons for quick development of this new marketing course – personal marketing. Until now, it was common for company to use web sites, but now more and more individuals have their own web sites which are used exclusively for their personal use. Regardless of the location of the workplace, they can promote their work, skills and abilities on a publicly available way. Widespread personal marketing leads to new opportunities for individuals who connect all the key components pragmatically (personal web site, social networks, model of personal development). Personal marketing was strongly influenced by the development of digital technology and internet which is the focus of this paper. The possibilities of this type of marketing are of great value. It is for these reasons that this final paper deals with the specific subject and covers the aforementioned area through the definition of digital marketing, presentation of the development and the emergence of personal marketing together with the component analysis of personal marketing and its metrics. The primary research analysis based on the Internet population in the Republic of Croatia is provided, which shows respondent views on the impact of digital technology on privacy and online presence.

Full graduate work can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking the next link (Croatian): Uloga digitalnih tehnologija u osobnom marketingu

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